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Thoughts on Design

How to Build a Better Presentation

Let’s face it—creating presentations that are exciting and engaging is difficult, if not impossible, and depending upon the subject matter. These techniques can help you build a better, more powerful presentation.


All that glitters…is good?

After a World Series victory, the Kansas City Royals donned new opening day uniforms sparkling with gold: from the logo to the players' numbers. Is all of this shiny gold necessary?


Carolina Blues.

Brands “own” colors within the marketplace. In soda, Coca Cola owns red; in shipping UPS owns brown; in telecommunications T-Mobile owns magenta. In college basketball, North Carolina has its own blue.


Average Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is known as much for its commercial advertising as it is for its football. Whether or not someone tuned into the game for the commercials or the game, the trend of viewers’ preference has dramatically changed, but what’s causing this?


Google Gets a New G

In September 2015, Google unveiled an updated brand. It was not because they felt like it was time for a change, or that they felt it was out of date. It was the result of the direction in which business is heading...and that path leads to smaller and more prevalent screens.


Nest’s Next Big Thing? Water Conservation in the home

Is the next Nest product a device to monitor and inform us how much water we use at home? My bet is that it is, and here's why.


Of Kings and Cows: How the Royals Got Their Name

The Kansas City Royal’s name has absolutely nothing to do with royalty, as many fans and team members might think. It has everything to do with bovines and barbecue, and the city’s heritage in the livestock industry.


A–plyed Design: Leatherman Bunk Bed

Indicia's creative director was looking for ways to apply design principles throughout his non-digital world while working with his hands. Here is what he built.


OK Joe’s, Say it ain’t so!

In September 2014, the iconic "Oklahoma Joe's" became "Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que," causing backlash from loyal fans. The reason was because they couldn’t own the old name. Having exclusive rights to the new name is the first step toward franchising their restaurant concept throughout the nation.


Google Doodles For the Win!

Google Doodles are the fun changes made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, events, and individuals. The company has dedicated a team of talented illustrators (or doodlers) and engineers who create new doodles to refresh the Google homepage.


Much Better Milk Packaging

After designing beautiful, but confusing milk cartons for its organic milk, Starbucks updated the design less than a year later to better inform customers what product they were purchasing.


Twitter Goes Visual

In a continued effort to move away from the straight text filled timeline, Twitter announced a complete redesign of their profile pages, with photo tagging and the ability to upload more photos per tweet.


Nations Need Branding Too

Can you tell the difference between Australia and New Zealand's flags? Why this is a problem and some possible idea for solving it are explored.


The Tonight Show Goes Full Circle

The new identity for "The Tonight Show" features a full moon—which is a big change from the crescent moon that had been in use since 1962, when Johnny Carson became host of the popular late night show.


Take a Taste of Safeway’s Snack Brand

It's not uncommon for a private label brand to have good design, but Safeway’s house brand has a different overarching theme with clever names and interesting doodles.


7-Eleven: A Healthy Rebrand

7-Eleven has shifted its target demographic to health-conscious women and millennials. With an updated logo, new interior design, and restocked shelves with healthier options, 7-Eleven is continuing to transform its retail stores.


Power Your Mornings

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for creative people. Attendees are treated to breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning every month. Today, it has grown to 58 chapter cities.


Stanley’s Renovation

In 2013 Stanley merged with Black & Decker, creating Stanley Black & Decker. The combined company partnered with Lippincott to preserve the brand's essence across all customer touchpoints.


Coming Soon to your iDevice: User i[OS]nterface 7

When Apple introduced iOS 7, they flattened the look and feel of the user experience, making it “work and look beautifully,” according to the company's press release.


Why is Adobe Scuttling Their Brand? (how customer perception helps your company sink or swim)

Adobe users are fiercely loyal to the creative tools and software the company provides. When they changed their business and pricing model to one that is subscription-based only, they pissed off many of those fans—this one included.


How Pinteresting! Popular Social Network Updates Look

Three years after its launch in 2010, Pinterest embarked on a redesign to make the site easier to navigate, without drastically changing its look. As an avid Pinterest user, one of Indicia's designers was excited to try out the new look and features.


All The News That’s Fit To Click

In March 2013, The New York Times announced that it had been working on a complete redesign of the, their first since 2006. The big focus was on user experience across all platforms, that correctly displayed different media.


The Tea on Your Cup

Tazo's branding had been largely unchanged since Starbucks purchased the brand in 1999. In 2013 a new logo and packaging were introduced, incorporating refined visuals and witty humor.


Houston, We Don’t Have A Problem

The Houston Astros revamped their look and feel after much insight from their loyal fans.


A First Class Rebrand Takes Flight

American Airlines’ new contemporary look symbolizes their plan for progress and improved customer service by incorporating colors and symbols that the public has come to connect with America, and with the brand.


Road to Ironman begins with Partnership

When Josh Christie, former partner at Indicia, decided to take on the challenge of competing in an Ironman in 2013, he immediately saw a connection between and benefit for some of the firm’s clients


Let the Games Begin

Designed by International brand consultants Wolff Olins, the London 2012 logo has undoubtedly made an impression. The branding project, started in 2007 for a mere $800,000 has caused some to wonder how a logo such as this was so expensive.


Nets & Hoops to Brooklyn

When the NBA team formerly known as the New Jersey Nets moved to a new home, they got a new brand as well.


Responsive Web Design

With the steady growth of mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly version of your website is paramount to the user experience.


Best Made in America

Best Made Co. has turned a simple chopping tool in to a strikingly sought after product, and with it, a great brand.


“Wipe” with a Towel.

These are heavy-duty wipes and have a pretty hefty claim—taking off anything from adhesives to lipstick, tree sap to permanent marker. If I heard these claims and saw the previous package design, I might have laughed.


A Cheerful Tear

The midnight blue Cheer bottle that made one of our designers do a double-take.


Animated GIFs are back?

What is it about the repetitive motion that captivates us? We, as humans, seem to enjoy a continuous rhythm in music, a monotonous movement of the rocking chair, a captivating frame progression of an animated GIF.


Schlotzsky’s is the Schit

An identity that is 'Lotz' better.


Nice digits.

People focus on many different aspects of their home, but forget about the style they can inject into their house numbers. This simple typographic selection is the first 'branding' of sorts that visitors will see upon arrival.


Brand Experienced

With some of our clients, it is rare that we would have the opportunity to experience the true brand message in play. Josh Christie, former partner at Indicia, had an opportunity to visit Elite Physical Therapy after hurting his back while playing with his kids.


CooperVision: Almost Seeing 20/20

Although they haven’t enjoyed the mainstream popularity of brands like Acuvue or Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision contact lens have maintained a high reputation with optometrists and eye care professionals alike.


A Clean Start to the Day

For the first step on the path of daily info web-quest, we prefer for it to start some where clean, clear, and direct. Like Google.


HTML 5 point oh!

It may seem a little strange to be branding a publicly available, open source markup language, but the World Wide Web Consortium doesn't see it that way.


Go ahead, laugh it up

The strength in the new Comedy Central mark is its simplicity and its memorability. The humor in it may be a bit dry, but the backwards "C" and flipped "Central" provide just enough absurdity to give the mark relevance. Who said being funny can't be sophisticated?


[Insert brand name here]

In a world of screaming brands vying for the world’s attention, I think the understated has a place. But a brandless brand? It sounds like an interesting conundrum (and perhaps a distant cousin to circular reasoning).


Captain D’s reelin’ it in

While I’m not a fan of fried fish, I’ve always been familiar with Captain D's restaurants. That's why the new brand peaked my curiosity.



As cars become more like computers, we know even less about how to fix them. know I can rely on Goodwrench to fix it—especially with an identity like this one.


Walmart’s logo refresh safe or smart?

Walmart may have made an intelligent move by taking the safe route: a generic logo that is in line with current trends; but I do think the new logo could be drastically improved by removing the tacky sun/asterisk/flower element, allowing the logotype to do the talking.


Do you know Jack?

"Thinking outside the box" when it comes to recreating a brand identity is generally a good idea; however, jumping completely outside the “jack-in-the-box” may not be so beneficial.


Young, Hip and Bounce

Many people might not care about getting a slick, modern-looking box of dryer sheets…however, this new package design is effective at “bouncing” into shoppers’ field of vision and subsequently off the shelf.


SyFy: imagining greater opportunities

As we approached 2010 (“The Year We Make Contact”) SciFi became SyFy. One thing we miss about the old logo is the distinctive planetary mark.


What’s so funny Pepsi?

Pepsi could have done a simple redesign of their packaging without changing the logo with excellent results. Take Coca-Cola for example, who kept the classic “Coca-Cola” script, cleaned it up a bit, and created beautiful new packaging.


Why RC?

Representing the marriage of the two companies, the new YRC logo incorporates the Swamp Holly Orange from the old Yellow Corporation, and blue from Roadway. Overall, the new logo says very little about transportation or shipping.


Speak of the Devil

Re-designing a franchise identity can be risky (costing lots of money), however, much money can be made from a good brand. In this respect, the Rays new brand can be considered successful—merchandise sales were up this year throughout MLB, but considerably more for the Rays.


Meet the Bread Man from Down Under

This new identity for Atlanta Bread Co. looks like it is straight out of an aboriginal cave painting, and more appropriate for an Outback Steakhouse.


Optima Won’t be Running for President

Will new, "improved" campaign identities help Presidential Candidates connect with younger, more sophisticated voters?


Ribbons, How Brands Take Shape

The new ribbon element that MeadWestvaco (sorry, MWV) uses is graphically interesting, and is a definite improvement over the much-dated look of the typeface that constituted the old logo.


Prescription: Clarity and Focus

The original Sunglass Hut International logo was not a complete travesty — but with the new brand is being rolled out at separate times and in different geographic areas, this is one brand update that needs some definite clarity.


A Fresh Identity Tue Impress

I am impressed with the work of DJ Stout and team from Pentagram, Austin. The new RubyTuesday identity represents a more sophisticated eating establishment, and features some great brand extensions.


A Bogey for the New LPGA

The "swinging lady" identity for the LPGA reminds me more of an Olympic Games logo than that of a professional golf association.


The Softer Side of… Shopko?

Shopko, a department store chain with approximately 135 stores, recently shed its very masculine image in favor of one that softens perceptions about the retailer and appeals to its primary customer base — women (much like the Sears campaign of yesteryear).


Short, Sweet and to the Point

Three-letter cable channel identifications seem to be all the rage lately. CNN, TNT, TBS, TLC, TNN, A&E are just a few. Now we can add Bio to the list (formerly the Biography Channel).


A Tale of Two Campaigns

XM Satellite Radio "Are you on?" vs. Sprint's "Sprint Ahead" marketing campaigns. Which one works? Which one doesn't?


From Marauder to Squeaky Clean

ArmorAll's brand embodies the essence of both cleanliness and shine, but perhaps there is too much emphasis on “clean." Is that Mr Clean or a viking defending your car's interior?


A Revolutionary New Brand for Payless

  A little more than a year ago, Payless Shoe Source unveiled a new identity for use at its 4,600 stores nationwide. While this identity has had some time to be absorbed by the mainstream, and is not necessarily “new”…READ MORE

Unum Goes Human, Sort of

Unum, a leading employee benefits provider in the United States and the United Kingdom, unveiled a new identity in 2007 in an attempt to better communicate the company’s core competencies and focus.


The Bright Side of LaQuinta’s New Brand

Every so often there comes an updated brand identity that demands attention and immediately engages the viewer.


Baskin Robbins serves up a scoop of something awful

As part of its 60th anniversary celebration, Baskin Robbins launched a new brand identity, one that is “an innovative concept that offers a fun, contemporary experience and …captures the fun and energy of Baskin-Robbins.” Not sure we agree.


Garmin’s new identity is on the right track

Garmin, the market leader in consumer global positioning system (GPS) products, introduced a new look for its brand in October 2006.


The sun sets on Merriam’s new logo

If a municipality is to undertake so bold a design challenge as develop a new brand (like Merriam did), then something more unique than a rising sun and the tagline “just right” is necessary.


The intelligence(?) behind the new Intel identity

The new Intel identity attempts to solve the problem of having two highly effective brands, the corporate logo from 1969, and the widely utilized "Intel Inside" mark found on the outside of almost every computer on the planet.


Sprint’s New Brand

In September 2005, Sprint and Nextel completed a multi-billion dollar merger and launched a new Sprint brand. How does this new brand stack up against other cellular phone companies?


The “new” look of Kansas City?

In order to change the so-called "cowtown" perception of Kansas City and make it look young, hip and more urban to visitors, a new logo and tagline was developed for the Convention & Visitor's Bureau.


Gateway’s Identity Crisis

What happens when a company's identity lies in a state of constant change? Find out what happened to Gateway, one of the first mail order computer companies.



Indicia New Hire

According to Shakespeare, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” Our team experienced this first hand at the beginning of November, when Emilio Servigon, our long time Web Developer and Designer, departed from our firm after almost five years. Emilio is leaving…READ MORE

Indicia Comings…and Goings.

Over the past several months, Indicia has expanded our capabilities to help with client needs. In February, Dean Olufson joined our team as a Web Developer/Designer. He brings 20 years of experience designing and developing websites to our team; 13…READ MORE

Jewish Community Foundation Wins Philly for Outstanding Informational Brochure

  On November 15, the Annual Philly Awards Celebration was held at Boulevard Brewing Company to “celebrate nonprofits driving social change through outstanding achievements in communications and marketing.” The annual awards celebration is held by Non-Profit Connect, an organization that “connects…READ MORE

We’ve got the Info on Branding

Since 2008 our logo has consisted of a lowercase "i" set within a circle to represent our firm’s holistic approach to brand identity and design. Imagine my surprise, when a couple of years ago I spotted a huge directory sign…READ MORE

Flushing out ideas for new storm drain covers

What happens when you challenge four designers to develop a new design for Kansas City's storm drain covers? As part of a challenge issued by KC Water Services late last year, each member of Indicia's creative team submitted a design…READ MORE

Holiday Dinners on Us

In lieu of a traditional holiday card, Indicia decided to create a Holiday "Ice Bucket Challenge" to send out to clients and prospects. Instead of cold buckets of water, we got all of the fixin's that might be found around…READ MORE

Road to Ironman Update (Part Deux)

34 weeks down with 4 weeks to go.--Training is in full bloom for the Indicia Road to Ironman promotion. Josh Christie recently completed the third and final triathlon on his way to the Florida Ironman on November 2. The road…READ MORE

Indicia’s Partners Featured in Leawood Lifestyle Magazine

Indicia's principals, Ryan Hembree and Josh Christie, are featured in the July 2013 issue of Leawood Lifestyle Magazine. The article recounts the story of how the business partners met in high school, started a t-shirt business that they grew through…READ MORE

Road to the Ironman Update

Two weeks in, three races completed, and two PRs ("Personal Records," for all of you stationary people out there) achieved: the Indicia Road to Ironman promotion is in full motion and we are looking foward to the next race on…READ MORE

Paint the Plaza Orange with Indicia (not literally, please…our insurance won’t cover it)

  Your training begins for the Plaza 10K. Run 6.2 miles with your favorite Kansas City design firm….for free! We've partnered with KC Running Company in a sponsorship for the Plaza 10k on Sunday, September 16, 2012. For those not…READ MORE

Indicia’s work for Olathe Convention & Visitor’s Bureau wins top awards at 2011 TIAK Conference

Congratulations to the Olathe Chamber Convention & Visitors Bureau for their recent success at the 2011 TIAK (Tourism Industry Association of Kansas) Tourism Conference. They received top honors in the State of Kansas for their Advertising Print Campaign, developed with…READ MORE

Indicia in HOW Magazine

  Ryan Hembree, Indicia's principal and creative director, appears in the latest issue of HOW Magazine. He is featured in a Business Column article about business insurance needs for creative professionals, written by Paul Mormack. Titled "Are you covered?," the…READ MORE

Indicia in Kansas City Business Journal

Indicia was recently featured in the Kansas City Business Journal's Growth Strategies section. In the article titled "Marketing magic: Experts share branding tricks that don’t cost a lot," Josh Christie, Indica's principal of new business and marketing is featured for…READ MORE

Recent Indicia identities featured in new Rockport publications

Several client projects designed and developed by Indicia Design have been showcased in new design publications released by Rockport Publishers. Of the 34,000 logos submitted for LogoLounge Volume 6 by Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner, four from Indicia were selected…READ MORE

Indicia Design Wins Four American Graphic Design Awards

Kansas City based brand identity firm Indicia Design is pleased to announce that the firm has won four American Graphic Design & Advertising awards that will appear in the upcoming American Graphic Design & Advertising 25 annual, to be released…READ MORE

Indicia Design Wins Six American Graphic Design Awards

Indicia Design is pleased to announce that the firm has won six American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA’s national design competition.   “The American Graphic Design Awards is the biggest and broadest [national design competition sponsored by Graphic…READ MORE

Partners Speed Up Growth

When your strengths are complementary, partnerships can "cover more ground." By HUMA KHAN The Kansas City Star, Emerging Business   Nearly 12 years after collaborating on their first project in high school, Ryan Hembree and Joshua Christie are back in…READ MORE

Indicia Design is one of two Kansas City firms to be featured in the Type Director’s Club annual, Typography 26

Indicia Design’s brochure for The Buckley Group, LLC included in Type Directors’ Club annual book, Typography 26.


Indicia Design is one of four Kansas City design studios to be featured in HOW Magazine’s Self Promotion Annual

Indicia Design’s invitation for Friends of Battered Women and Their Children of Chicago is one of 160 pieces featured in the October, 2004 issue of HOW Magazine.


Non-Perishable Work

Striem Brand Identity


Union Horse Distillery

The new Union Horse logo, along with a secondary mark used by the brand. Indicia developed the original identity for Dark Horse Distillery in 2011, along with packaging for their first distilled spirits, Long Shot White Whiskey and Rider Vodka. Other…READ MORE

Go Topeka Website

Indicia developed a new responsive website for Topeka's Chamber of Commerce. Utilizing a new brand and standards developed by another agency, Indicia created a fully functional and interactive site for businesses to learn more about the economy and demographics of…READ MORE

Hallmark Art Collection Website

Hallmark has one of the best corporate art collections in the world. The collection, which contains hundreds of pieces from world-renown artists, is not open to the public. Hallmark wanted a way to share these works with audiences both inside…READ MORE

Jetz Service Co. Rebrand

Indicia has partnered with Jetz Service Co. for more than a decade on all sorts of marketing projects. To reflect transitions that are taking place within the company (both technology wise and management wise), and to create an exciting new…READ MORE

Wagstaff & Cartmell

Indicia developed a new website for Wagstaff & Cartmell. Site is optimized for mobile devices and includes many different areas that can be updated and customized by the client. To view the custom built website, please visit  READ MORE

Jewish Community Foundation

Indicia recently completed a new brand identity for the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City. The solution is an elegantly rendered Plant logomark, representing growth, life and renewal. A custom, sans serif typeface is used for the logotype, projecting…READ MORE

Indicia Holiday Promotion

In lieu of a traditional holiday card, Indicia decided to create a Holiday "Ice Bucket Challenge" to send out to clients and prospects. Instead of cold buckets of water, we got all of the fixin's that might be found around…READ MORE

Safety Made Simple

Safety Made Simple provides online training content to companies in the cattle feed  and grain industries. The new identity had to reflect the agricultural nature of its constituents, yet also be versatile as new content for industrial clients is brought…READ MORE

We Create Kansas City

KCSourcelink partnered with GlobalPrairie and Indicia to report on the state of and entrepreneurship in Kansas City."We Create Kansas City" is an open source campaign that Indicia developed to communicate that KC entrepreneurs are fueling economic growth. The We Create…READ MORE

Pride Mechanical

Pride Mechanical approached Indicia seeking a unique and impactful solution to their brand. We not only brought to life their vision for a consistent, professional brand, but we also developed a new business system and vehicle wraps for their service…READ MORE

Fulcrum Business Advisors

  When Dan Axtell, a successful Kansas City businessman, sold his family business to his son and son-in-law, the experience was a painful one that strained the family relationship. Attorneys, CPAs, business coaches–all tried to help with the transition. Now…READ MORE

Center for Architecture & Design

Indicia was approached by the AIA of Kansas City (American Institute for Architects) to develop a new brand identity for the Center for Architecture & Design. The challenge was to create an identity that appealed to three audiences: architects, designers…READ MORE

Dark Horse Reunion Rye Whiskey Barrel Strength

Dark Horse Distillery recently released a new Reunion Rye Whiskey, Barrel Strength. The limited edition release quickly sold out in stores.  READ MORE

KC Marathon 2013

Bibs and Ribs…or at least Pulled Pork! 2013 marked the 5th year in our partnership with the Kansas City Marathon. It also marked a registration milestone of 12,962 runners for all events.   Runners from across the country and around…READ MORE

WestGlen GI Rebrand

The GI doctors at WestGlen Gastrointestinal Consultants bring the full extent of credentials and skills to their patient's gastrointestinal and digestive problems. With a large footprint of 14 offices throughout the Kansas City metro area, they approached Indicia with the…READ MORE

INMED Web Site

Indicia worked with the International Institute of Medicine (INMED) to redesign and develop their web site from the ground up. The biggest challenges with the INMED site were trying to figure out a way to build an architecture that consisted…READ MORE

EPR Properties

After Entertainment Properties Trust became EPR Properties, they needed a new web presence and collateral for the brand. Indicia was tasked with developing a new, highly interactive web site that allows investors to learn more information about company's offerings. In…READ MORE

Intréis Animation and Motion Graphics

Intréis provides integrated GRC and ITSM solutions to their clients to enable them to deliver extraordinary service, reduce risk, and achieve their business & IT objectives. Align Marketing partnered with Indicia to develop a compelling animation for Intréis, with results…READ MORE

Dark Horse Reserve Bourbon and Reunion Rye Whiskey

Our friends at Dark Horse Distillery have been hard at work perfecting the new additions to their spirits line. Introducing Dark Horse Distillery Reserve Bourbon Whiskey and Reunion Rye Whiskey:     Reserve: Handcrafted in a copper pot still using…READ MORE

Peanut Wings Brand

  The Peanut is Kansas City's oldest bar and grill, serving the Kansas City community with the most delicious array of bar and grill food in the Metro area, including the famous Peanut Wings - the wing standard in Kansas…READ MORE

Rye Restaurant Branding

Late last year, Colby and Megan Garrelts, friends and clients of Indicia Design (Bluestem Restaurant), opened their newest creation in Mission Farms, Leawood, Kansas. Rye Restaurant showcases the food and culture of the Midwest and local flavors of the Missouri-Kansas…READ MORE

Long Shot White Whiskey and Rider Vodka Brands

  Dark Horse Distillery recently launched their first two products in a series of Handcrafted Artisanal spirits. Indicia collaborated with the Lenexa,KS-based distillery to create the naming, content development and packaging for the Long Shot White Whiskey and Rider Vodka…READ MORE

Rouse Hendricks German May Website

  Rouse Hendricks German May (RHGM) prosecutes and defends complex litigation matters throughout the country. Because the firm regularly represents clients in confidential, highly sensitive matters, many of their cases are never made public. This was the challenge facing the…READ MORE

HOS ePrism Tour

  Health Outcomes Sciences (HOS) provides hospitals, administrators and clinicians a solution to the complex problems associated with administering healthcare, including: individual risk modeling, determining bleeding risks, re-admittance, consent form explanation, comorbidities and patient satisfaction. One of the challenges facing…READ MORE

The Kansas City Marathon Brand

Run One, Run All....The Kansas City Marathon is upon us. Once again, Indicia has come together with the Kansas City Sports Commission to sponsor the 2011 Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon. The increased focus on marketing, along with new…READ MORE

Dark Horse Identity

  Indicia is currently working with Dark Horse Distillery in Lenexa, Kansas, on a complete branding system (including product names, packaging, and support collateral) for new spirits coming soon to the marketplace. The overall brand is shown above, burned into…READ MORE

Quantum Health Professionals

  A complete identity rebrand, expanded into a stationery system for Quantum Health Professionals. The logo uses two concentric circles to make a 'Q' where the first circle represents Quantum, and the second their clientele working toward the same goal—delivering…READ MORE

Simple Six

Hot off the press is this brand and icon system for Simple Six. Six icons printed onto onezies as a reminder to interact with your child, and helping them develop. Matching the action with animals with a clean polished modern…READ MORE

Grace Hospice Kit

  We recently completed a pocket folder, brochure and insert sheets for Grace Hospice—a locally owned company that specializes in end of life care. Working closely under their pre-established brand identity, we explored a more creative way to convey their…READ MORE

Berkowitz Oliver Stationery

  We recently completed a unique paper system for Berkowitz Oliver that incorporates letterpressed business cards with edge coloring, custom converted envelopes, and unique correspondence cards.   Justin Leatherman / Design, Art Direction Brandon Bennett / DesignREAD MORE

Battle of the Brains

  Burns & McDonnell and Science City have partnered together to give Kansas City area students a chance to design the next great exhibit for Science City. Indicia was hired to help create the brand essence for the city-wide contest…READ MORE

Jetz Laundry Guidebooks

When leaving home for the first time, many college students will have their first experience doing laundry. Indicia partnered with Jetz (a provider of laundry room equipment and services to colleges and universities throughout the Midwest) to create these pocket-sized…READ MORE

Kauffman Foundation

As part of Indicia's commitment to helping the community, we designed this limited-run book to showcase the findings of the Centurions Entrepreneur Task Force.     Justin Leatherman / Art Director Brandon Bennett / DesignerREAD MORE

Kansas City Economic Development Council

Indicia partnered with Bela Communications & Grenz Communications to design a compelling annual report for the KC EDC, highlighting recent development in the area. Targeted at multiple constituencies, including civic leaders and business executives, the report highlights 8 different development…READ MORE