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My Wife is Fine Billboard

My Wife is Fine. She Called Pride Mechanical Billboard.

In outdoor advertising, sometimes there is nothing better to generate interest in a brand than a war of words. For years Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has put up several billboards along the I-35 corridor proclaiming “Your Wife is Hot.” These attention-getting boards have been followed the next month by subsequent ones saying “Better Get Her A/C Fixed.” For years, no one challenged the dominance of Bob Hamilton’s outdoor strategy—that is, until a feisty upstart came on the scene a couple of years ago—Pride Mechanical.


Indicia has worked with Pride Mechanical on everything from their brand identity to marketing collateral to a newly launched web presence. As part of the relaunch of their website, Pride uses an outdoor sign to answer Bob’s claim that “Your Wife is Hot.” The response (within a clean layout designed by Indicia) cleverly retorts back that “My Wife is Fine. She Called Pride Mechanical.”