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INMED Web Site

Indicia worked with the International Institute of Medicine (INMED) to redesign and develop their web site from the ground up. The biggest challenges with the INMED site were trying to figure out a way to build an architecture that consisted of a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary structure without having control of the content population itself. Many educational websites for colleges and Universities have a user experience that can often create more frustration than solutions. INMED approached Indicia with an opportunity to create a user experience that was not only intuitive for current and prospective students, but would also allow for unlimited growth.  

According to Skylar Rolf, former COO of INMED:

"…the new INMED website design…[is] going to enormously boost the image of the organization, as well as the impact that INMED has on the lives of the people we serve in developing countries."   INMED Web Site image