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HOS ePrism Tour

hos-screens   Health Outcomes Sciences (HOS) provides hospitals, administrators and clinicians a solution to the complex problems associated with administering healthcare, including: individual risk modeling, determining bleeding risks, re-admittance, consent form explanation, comorbidities and patient satisfaction. One of the challenges facing the company was communicating information about their ePrism product—a very technical yet elegant solution—in an engaging way. It needed to address the pain points of multiple audiences, with different goals and objectives.   Indicia developed this extended animation for the company's web site using simplified visuals, a compelling voiceover, and exciting soundtrack to engage the audience. It provides a high-level service and benefit introduction for the HOS platform, as well as allows the company to qualify potential clients by capturing basic information from the viewer. To view the animation in its entirety, click on "Learn More" below.