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DISCLAIMER: We generally reserve this section for a true Thought on Design. Unfortunately for both of us, my team thought it would be a good idea to throw me into the mix (while I was out of town and unable to defend myself). Please send all complaints with the subject line: ‘JC is Way Better at Marketing.’


Anyway, here we go:

As a brand experience firm we spend much of our time helping our clients develop their brand. We perform positioning studies with our clients’ executives and employees to determine what message should be communicated, how it should be communicated and who it should be communicated to. With some of our clients it is rare that we would have the opportunity to experience the true brand message in play.


Roughly a month ago, such an opportunity arose that allowed me to experience one of our client’s brand personally. Somehow, while playing ‘Horsey’ with my kids, I injured my back. Being the stubborn male that I am, it progressed to the point where simple activities became challenging. One morning, as my wife was putting my socks on for me, she remarked that when our third child arrived in a few weeks that she would have 4 kids to take care of. Everything came to a head when my back seized up in our parking lot. As our Art Director wheeled me into the office in one of our chairs, I knew that it was time to get some help.


After a quick call to our client liaison with Pain Management Associates, he immediately made an opening the same day and set the ball rolling. The scheduling person contacted me within 20 min. She was compassionate and added a light-hearted ‘so I hear we’ve got some back pain’ comment to ease a stressful situation. Upon arriving at the clinic, I received a welcoming shout from the receptionist. The doc took his time assessing my situation and determining what could be causing the pain (including a handy visual aide). He spelled out options for treatment, short-term and long-term. One thing that my doc said that set the tone for their brand message was that ‘my goal is to manage the pain, so that the pain doesn’t manage you.’


After a series of two epidurals, some medication and rest, I am happy to say that I am pain free after a month. My doc took time to check in on me to make sure that the meds were working and the pain was under control.


The perfect closer to this experience was when my doc referred me to a physical therapist. He pulled out a beautifully designed referral kit for Elite Physical Therapy, another Indicia client. Looks like I may get another opportunity to experience a brand in the family.


My kids now have their ‘Horsey’ back, my wife only has 3 kids to worry about (sometimes she stills says 4, but it has nothing to do with my back), and the only time my Art Director pushes me in the chair is the occasional Friday afternoon chariot race.


Kudos to Pain Management Associates for delivering on their brand promise.


By: Josh Christie, Principal | New Business Development