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2 postal markings often imprinted on mail or on labels to be affixed to mail
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United Excel Rebrand

United Excel Hard Hats

United Excel designs, builds and outfits (i.e. provide fixtures, equipment and furniture) medical facilities and government projects, providing truly integrated building solutions for owners. The issue they faced is that these services are provided by a family of companies, each with different names, locations, and identities: United Excel (construction), United Excel Design (design), and Mill Creek (outfitting).

In order to help prospects understand the truly integrated approach to construction, United Excel had created another company, I-DBO (Integrated Design Build Outfit) and gave some employees different email addresses. Internally, employees had differing views of the company and what it provided customers and the value created. Externally, each subsidiary company had a different web presence with different color schemes, logos, and messaging.

To clear up confusion (both internally and externally) about the brand, Indicia developed a unique identity that would stand out among the competition, as well as unify the three companies under one monolithic brand family. We developed a new mark that is consistently applied to all three companies, as well as a defined color palette for each. A survey was sent to employees to create a new positioning statement that better defines the value they provide, which is “A Better Perspective” on building.

Indicia created harmony among the companies’ websites by applying a consistent design to each. When visiting for the first time, clients are offered a gateway to all three sites. Clicking on one of the three services (design, build, or outfit) will take the visitor to the appropriate subsidiary website for more information, and a unique solution allows the client to manage the content of all three sites through one interface.

United Excel BrandingUnited Excel Color Palettes  United Excel Websites

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